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An engaging and effective academic program by the innovative educators at 310TUTORS

 For students in grades 2-8 

What is SPRINT?

SPRINT is an engaging, data-driven learning regimen that kids love. The year-round program is proven to boost skills and achievement levels in math and English.

In 60-minute classes at our learning center, "sprinters" practice math, reading, and writing with instruction and performance tracking from expert tutors. It's a fun and effective way to boost comprehension and abilities!

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High-Intensity Interval Learning

How it works:


SPRINT is a year-round program, but there are no long-term contracts or signup fees. Membership is just $325 per month per student. Sprinters attend 60-minute classes twice a week or up to 8 times per month, with optional, unlimited at-home practice.
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To start, students take an adaptive online diagnostic and results are available to parents immediately after completion. The diagnostic data is used to tailor a personalized curriculum for each student and measure progress.
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Parents can book any of our regularly scheduled classes so their sprinters can complete their personalized curriculum and learn from our best tutors. We recommend creating a recurring weekly schedule, but it's easy to book and change sessions as needed. Sprinters can also practice unlimitedly at home using our web-based software.

Kids love it!

Sprinters say they prefer our fun and engaging learning format to other programs like Kumon and Mathnasium, and research shows that students achieve greater gains when they enjoy the learning process.


Stellar tutors

Our friendly instructors have a passion for teaching and extensive hands-on experience in motivating young students to achieve their best.

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What's included:

  Detailed Diagnostic

  Engaging Classes

  Math & English Instruction

  Optional, Unlimited At-home Practice

  Improved Comprehension

  Enhanced Skills  (showing work, neatness...)

  Increased Confidence

  Lasting Impact

Benefits to families:

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Have questions about SPRINT?

Chat with an education director today to learn how SPRINT can help your family achieve its academic goals.

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Sign Up, Practice, Sprint Ahead!

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