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You pick the amount

Sale ends September 30th

Get private tutoring at our lowest rate of $60 per hour and use it as needed throughout the school year. Credits last for one full year. 

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Just pick the amount that best suits your family and save.

10 hours—$600, save $150

15 hours—$900, save $225

20 hours—$1200, save $300

Tutoring hours can be used for in-person and online tutoring. Instruction may include schoolwork support, exam prep, supplemental math, reading, and writing practice, executive functioning skill development, and more!

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 Save up to $300!

Sale ends September 30th.

You can purchase up to 20 hours at our lowest rate of $60 per hour to use as desired throughout the school year. Minimum purchase is 10 hours; credits expire one year from the purchase date.

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