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310TUTORS! My daughter has been going here for over a year. She has received tutoring in PreCal & Algebra 2 and has always had outstanding tutors and it has made all the difference with her homework and grades. They have been helpful with my teenage daughter's complicated schedule of sports and afterschool activities. The best part is they even do texting for setting up appointments which is great with teenagers. We have also had a tutor come to our house before my daughter's finals and I have seen how excellent the tutors are. I highly recommend.

Suzanne V. parent of St. Monica Junior


310TUTORS has been a great resource for my kids - each for very different reasons. The tutors provided for my high school daughter's AP Chem and AP Physics exam prep, not only understood the material, but were able to teach it effectively. In addition, the reinforcement of classroom concepts at the learning center has kept my son at the top of his middle school game - preparing him for the rigors of high school. Understanding the material and the ability to teach it are two separate and distinct skills and the tutors at 310TUTORS have consistently delivered on both fronts.

Frank A.


310TUTORS! My son, who had a difficult time making the transition from Canyon to Paul Revere, was saved by 310TUTORS! They helped him on so many levels:

1) They helped my son manage his time with projects and work load.
2) The young and smart college students who tutored him game him respect and support. My son looked up to these tutors as his mentors.
3) The Student & Parent Liason at 310TUTORS is kind and warm to the kids and grownups. She is willing to adjust last minute changes in scheduling time for extra work, or cancellations if there is little homework.

My son is finishing this year with straight A's. I have 310TUTORS to thank on his journey this year.

Kate R. parent of Paul Revere


My daughter's math grade went up since she started going to 310TUTORS. Her math teacher at school noticed the difference in how fast she was grasping new material. They are very nice and friendly, and they make sure she understands the concepts before moving on.

They are very good at sending appointment reminders and are flexible with schedule changes. We are definitely going to continue working with them.

Silvia M.


310TUTORS' SAT test prep course raised my son's SAT score 350 points with engaging memory games, clear instruction and well-prepared lessons. They offer tutoring in almost every subject that you can imagine. The tutors are awesome, and the owner, Jonathan, is pro at tutoring, especially math.

Estelle P.


310TUTORS I have seen an increased focus as well as organizational skills since Owen has been with 310TUTORS! And of course academically, Owen stays on top of things becasue of 310TUTORS!

Christie S. parent of SAMOHI 9th grader


Yay!! I can't believe how quickly and struggle free the math packet homework was tonight... AND most importantly she got all the answers correct... THANK YOU!!!

Alyssa F. parent of roosevelt 3rd grader


310TUTORS' dedication, involvement, and consistent level of service is the reason why both teachers and families feel like the children at Lincoln Middle School are being educated and have fostered in areas that once were a struggle.

Aimee S. 7th grade Counselor/Advisory Chair at Lincoln Middle School


Our son started 310TUTORS in September due to the fact that he was 1 year behind all the children in his kindergarten class. In less than 6 months, he has caught up with his class and exceeded them in several subjects. 310TUTORS has surpassed our expectations. Our son loves his private tutoring and looks forward to it every week.

The Gitani Family, parents of St. Monica's 1st grader


They make you feel good when you walk in here!!

Isabella R. St. Monica's 7th grader


Each kid is different and mine is definitely no exception. 310TUTORS works both one on one and as well as in a small group - whatever the student needs. Today I saw an "A" for the first time on her report card. IN SCIENCE! Long story short, forget all the others. 310TUTORS is truly the key, and they CARE.

Mark B. parent of SMMUSD 8th grader


I like 310TUTORS because it is a great learning center and the tutors help you "like" homework and enjoy school.

Noah H. Paul Revere 6th grader


Thank you for your great work in helping Dominic improve his grades. The improvements happened quickly and most importantly continues as he works with your team each week. Thank you again for being there for Dominic and us.

Rick T. parent of Lincoln 8th grader


We had a great experience at 310TUTORS. I highly recommend it! Our son worked hard to prepare for the ISEE. He found his tutors to be very helpful, and was accepted into his first choice of school for high school. We'd definitely go back when and if it's needed.

Sarah R. parent of Pacifica High School 9th grader





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