personalized coaching

We're motivating students to become passionate about learning while helping them to develop the skills they need to be successful in education and in life.

program overview

Our certified, hands-on coaches work closely with students in one-on-one skill development sessions to improve executive functioning habits and motivation, while also ensuring that students maintain those skills week to week.

developing skills

Students need an array of skills to be successful in school that are not being taught in the classroom.

During coaching sessions, certified academic coaches teach students important executive functioning skills like time management, organization, planning, teacher communication strategies, grade monitoring and more.

motivating to achieve

Motivated students perform better in school, and motivated people achieve greater success in life.

Our certified academic coaches are experts at motivating students to pursue greater heights in their own education. Working closely with a committed role model can help a student develop a passion for knowledge and productivity that leads to success and happiness in school and in life.

how coaching works

Students enrolled in coaching attend 30-minute sessions weekly or bi-weekly, during which certified academic coaches help them improve key executive functioning skills and motivation.

Here are some of the ways we enhance skills and motivation:

  • Certified coaches use proven, scientific techniques to motivate students.
  • Students regularly get organized, update planners, check grades, and create well-designed actions.
  • Students learn to communicate effectively with their peers, adults and teachers.
  • Coaches help students understand the many benefits of education and how to apply the knowledge acquired in school.

skills students need, but aren't taught in class

To be successful in school, students need many skills that are not taught in the classroom, including organization, study skills, time management, motivation and more. At 310, we teach students those critical skills so that they can be successful in school and in life.

program details

Personalized Coaching teaches students important motivation and executive functioning skills that are necessary for success in school and in life. Monthly memberships are available for weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

For coaching, we offer weekly and bi-weekly memberships that are paid monthly. Bi-weekly coaching (~2-sessions/month) is only $85 per month and Weekly Coaching (~4-sessions/month) is only $145 per month. For more information about Personalized Coaching memberships, please contact us.

Enrolled students attend 30-minute sessions weekly or bi-weekly. Contact the center for available days and times.

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our holistic approach

In addition to personalized coaching, 310 Students can take advantage of these other services to boost performance and grades.

academic tutoring

math & writing