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Our highly specialized ISEE program has helped countless Westside students improve their test-taking abilities and gain access to their desired private schools.

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For more than a decade we've been preparing students for the ISEE. Let us help you ensure your student is prepared to perform on test day.

about the ISEE

The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is a popular admissions test used by many independent schools to assess the academic abilities of applicants. It consists of five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and an Essay. Most students take the exam in December or January when applying to a private school.

*ISEE is a registered trademark of the Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

our ISEE program

Our ISEE program prepares students for the exam by improving their test-taking skills and raising their achievement levels in math and English. Parents can enroll students in the full course or pick-and-choose which services they want. We have both private instruction and small-group classes available. Classes begin in September and prepare students for the exam in early December.

Ashil Test Prep (600x400)

Three levels for students entering grades 5-12

Lower Level

The Lower Level (LL) is taken by students applying to grades 5 and 6.

Middle Level

The Middle Level (ML) is taken by students applying to grades 7 and 8.

Upper Level

The Upper Level (UL) is taken by students applying to grades 9-12.

program details

Our ISEE program is taught by experienced instructors and will ensure your student is prepared on test day.

We provide an array of services to prepare students for the ISEE exam, including small group classes, private tutoring, drilling sessions, assessments, home study and more. We hold weekly ISEE prep classes at our learning center and offer flexible scheduling for private ISEE tutoring. Contact the center to learn more about available ISEE services for your student’s level.

Assessments are the foundation of any learning program. To start preparing your student for the ISEE, contact us to sign-up for a free ISEE assessment. Students in our program also take regular assessments to gauge their performance throughout the program.

For pricing, please contact us to receive our ISEE Prep rate sheet.

We offer preparatory classes for all of the ISEE subjects, including Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and the Essay. Students can receive practice in all subjects and more through our Full ISEE Program, or select specific subjects to focus on.

To enroll in our ISEE program, simply email us at

Nico Assessment

free assessments

Assessments are a great way to pinpoint a student's specific needs. We offer free assessments at our learning center for families that are considering tutoring or test prep.