academic tutoring

We offer quality after-school tutoring in all subjects for students in grades K-12, with the goal of enhancing life-long academic skills and raising in-class performance and grades.

what is academic tutoring?

Our tutoring is highly specialized academic support that focuses on improving classroom performance and grades. Taught by college, graduate and credentialed tutors, Academic Tutoring can include assignment completion, exam prep, study skills, organization, planning and more.

how does it work?

Academic Tutoring is regularly available at the center and students can attend up to two hours of instruction per day. With both private and semi-private tutoring available, students can keep a recurring schedule or attend instruction as needed.

what makes 310 different?

310TUTORS is known for hands-on, results-oriented tutoring that students enjoy. Our instruction is a step above traditional tutoring because we're experts at what we do. We go beyond homework help to achieve measurable results and develop positive habits that have a lasting impact on our students' lives.

program details

Our highly specialized Academic Tutoring is proven to increase confidence, improve comprehension, and raise grades. Students can receive tutoring as a stand-alone program, or bundle with other services like our Personalized Math & Writing and Skill Development programs.

We offer multiple pricing options, including Pay-as-you-go and discounted Prepay Packages and Memberships. For detailed pricing information, please contact us.

Academic Tutoring is available Monday through Thursday, 3:30-7:30pm, and Saturday 10-2pm. Students can set a recurring schedule or attend instruction as needed.

We cover the full spectrum of subject matter, including all levels of English, math, history, science, foreign languages and more. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about your student’s subject matter.

We use the best assessment available in education today. As part of our commitment to holistic, individualized learning, all new students may receive a math and language assessment upon enrollment, which we recommend. The assessment pinpoints a student’s individual needs, grade-level ranking and national percentile ranking. Students enrolled in our Personalized Learning program take benchmark assessments every three months to measure growth.

We make it easy to sign up for tutoring, just click here.

a holistic learning program

In addition to Schoolwork Tutoring, 310 Students can take advantage of these other services to boost performance and grades.

math & writing

personalized coaching

experienced, enthusiastic educators

We are passionate educators who take pride in our ability to connect with young learners. With 310TUTORS, parents can be sure that their child is receiving effective instruction from a qualified educator, and students can be sure that their tutor is someone who understands them.

unparalleled learning environment

Located in the heart of Santa Monica, our learning center is an unparalleled academic space for the modern Westside student.